The Brokerage Your Realtor is with Matters

Many people I speak to don’t have an understanding about how brokerages and agents work together. Many think that agents work for brokerages in a traditional model where paychecks are issued every two weeks and all marketing expenses are covered by “the company”. The truth is, each of us realtors are independent sole proprietors who function as our own company–paying for all expenses including our own insurance, marketing for our listings and any other overhead. We each pay a percentage or “split” to our brokerages per transaction, and we pay fees for things such as office space, technology support, etc. So, how do agents choose which brokerage they’ll work with? Some newer agents go to brokerages known for initial training and some go to brokerages which may offer incentives such as profit sharing.

In the case of Pacific Union, I chose a brokerage known for working with agents who have experience in residential real estate, understand business based thinking and have a track record of successfully helping clients succeed. In addition to being a forward-thinking real estate powerhouse, Pacific Union International’s  innovative approach to real estate enables me to provide a higher degree of service to my clients then ever before. For the last 40 years, Pacific Union has been setting the standard for Bay Area real estate by empowering it’s agents to deliver remarkable service to clients at every price point. As a result, last year Pacific Union closed over $6.7 billion in sales (far outpacing even the nearest competitor) and was included in the Inc. 5000 list, which ranks the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. based on the previous three years’ revenue growth.

As Pacific Union continues it’s thoughtful growth trajectory, and development of tools such as Private View and Best Buyer Reports, I gain innovative and proprietary market research to help my clients reach their real estate goals. With 95% of Bay Area buyers coming from California, it only makes sense for Pacific Union to expand it’s footprint and influence within the state we call home. These sort of business-minded tools and strategies are offered by no other brokerages in California–or in the U.S., for that matter.

In addition to almost 2 decades of experience in our local SF Bay Area/mid-peninsula real estate market and my business-based, fiduciary approach to client relationships, Pacific Union adds to my ability to execute incredible marketing for my listings and to help my buyers find the perfect home for them. Please feel free to text, call or email me to discuss how I can help you with any real estate needs you have.

Nick Granoski

About Nick Granoski

With over 20 years of residential real estate experience, Nick has excelled in both buyers’ and sellers’ market, guiding clients to success with his sound advice and full accountability for results. Nick is a native of the area and a top-producing, second-generation Realtor ranked in top 1% of local agents.

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