Communities: Los Altos

Once an agricultural town with many summer cottages, Los Altos is now an affluent bedroom community located 40 miles south of San Francisco. Los Altos prides itself on its charming atmosphere, excellent schools, volunteerism, community spirit, and family-oriented events. Served by several small retail areas, as commercial zones are limited, Los Altos maintains a semi-rural feel with a quaint downtown representative of “small-town America”—yet sits in the heart of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and other bustling Bay area centers.

We almost sold our family home for what we thought was a good off-market offer thinking we’d save time, effort, and money by avoiding real estate fees. Wrong!
Fortunately we were referred to Nick and decided to list with him after listening to his approach to doing business in a somewhat unbelievable sellers market. Nick advised us on important things we hadn’t considered such as accurate pricing, list timing and demand creation. We learned that even in this market, you can leave a lot of money on the table if you’re not working with a successful, full-time Realtor for what is in reality, a large business transaction, and in our case an emotional transaction. We believed in Nick and ended up netting much more money on the sale of our home. My sister and I recommend him highly as you really do need good representation to maximize your home sale—even in a very hot market.

Home Seller:
Carole Fontana, Los Altos